Scholarship Recipients

The Texas Food Processors Association takes great pride in our abilities to raise and distribute funds for scholarships for both Texas A&M and Texas Tech Food Science Students.  Our scholarships make life changing differences in these student’s college careers, empowering them to pursue their Food Science goals while lessoning their financial burdens.  Please help us congratulate this year’s scholarship recipients!

2018 – Texas A&M University – $40,000 Total

Ashlie Trevino
Ciera Castillo
Courtney Simonetti
Kendall Howie
Kimberly Votaw
Kiomi Romero
Lucas Haskins
Michael Diehl
Michealle Krozel
Mikayla Sexton
Victoria Miller

2018 – Texas Tech University – $20,000 Total

Katherine Kendrick
Mariana Fernandez de la Garza
Caitlin Brietzke
Adam Castillo