Hall Of Fame

Since 1974, the Texas Food Processors Association (TFPA) has paid tribute to excellence by recognizing those individuals who have made major contributions to the food industry in Texas.

Candidates are selected by the Board of Directors and previous Hall of Fame inductees before narrowing the selection down to the one who is chosen to receive this most coveted recognition. Awards are given only in years when the committee feels there is a viable candidate.

The first recipient to receive the award was R. J. (Red) Lewallen of Texas Wholesale Grocer’s Association in 1974.

Prior Hall of Fame Inductees include:

2018  Greg Hanks

2016  Doug Renfro

2015  Harrell Banks
2014  Anne Connally 2014  Glendy Valdez Medcalf
2014  Rebecca Pfundheller 2011  Dennis Baker
2009  Harvey Buehring 2008  Ranzell “Nick” Nickelson II, PhD
2007  Dave Archer 2004  Max Miller
2002  Oscar Saenz 2000  Ron Devoe
1998  Lou Rasplicka 1997  Donald C. Osborn
1996  Dale Robbins 1995  Richard Bleckner
1994  Joe De La Torre 1994  Al B. Wagner, Jr.
1993  R. R. Rick Jameson 1992  Bill Renfro
1991  Edward McKee 1990  Dave Pace
1989  Alex Wolff, Jr. 1988  Herb Ennis
1986  Brandon Wilcox 1984  Ralph Velasco
1983  Kika De La Garza 1980  B. Stanbery
1979  Ed E. Burns 1978  A.J. (Joe) Smith
1977  Wes Seaborg 1976  Frank Dorsey
1975  J. D. (Don) Gamel

1974  R. J. (Red) Lewallen