Objectives of the Organization are to:

Support, promote and encourage education in all aspects of the food industry.

Operate within the realms of federal and/or state fair trade and anti-trust laws, rules and regulations to preserve and perpetuate the opportunities and advantages provided by the competitive system of free enterprise.

Foster a spirit of cooperation in trying to promote the progress and stability of the food industry on behalf of its members.

Portray and enhance a spirit of professionalism in food science.

Favor and promote the distribution of the benefits derived from productive enterprises to consumers, owners, employees, producers, suppliers and distributors according to the fair value of services performed. Strive to produce products of top quality assuring customer satisfaction.

Members are encouraged to:

Produce products of a quality that assures the utmost in satisfaction to the consumers.

Strive to develop and practice more efficient and practical production, distributing, marketing and merchandising methods.

Grade and label products according to one of the approved methods of identifying quality and endeavor to comply with federal and state laws now and hereafter effective.

Adopt good manufacturing practices (GMP) to maintain sanitary conditions in all aspects of production, warehousing and distribution and comply with all applicable regulations.

Encourage experimental work to improve yield, quality and cost reduction of processed foods.

Cooperate with other members in approving or protesting legislation that may impact the food industry, when such actions are authorized by the association’s officers and directors.